Welcome to Update Embroidery, we are on online-based custom embroidery digitizing service provider. We provide the best quality embroidery digitizing service or convert an image to embroidery format. Our digitizing is guaranteed quality and we also provide unlimited free revision. No need to pay if you are not satisfied with Updateembroidery.

Services That We Provide:

    • Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service.
    • Convert Image to Embroidery File
    • Raster Image to Vector File
    • Vector Logo
    • Sequin Embroidery Digitizing
    • Applique, 3D, Puff, Chenille, Cording, Taping, Magic sequin etc embroidery digitizing service.

    We provide quality digitizing in a quick turnaround. Normally our turnaround is from 2 to 12 hours for normal files. And 12 to 24 hours for big and difficult files. Let us know if you need an urgent delivery.

    Beatable Pricing Of Any Digitizing Embroidery

    Our pricing is always beatable compare than any other embroidery digitizing website. We offer several pricing packages for our clients. So, they can compare and choose the best one.

    Package 1 is the Standard Package:

    • Small files $6 per piece.
    • Medium standard files $8 per piece
    • Big complex files $13 or more according to the complexity.

    “(This package is available for all clients)”

    Package 2 Average Package:

    • $8 per piece any files averagely (stitch less than 30000)
    • $11 per piece any files averagely (stitch more than 30000)

    “(This package is only for the clients who have regular orders)”

    Package 3 Per Thousand Package:

    • $0.60 Per Thousand stitches (from 1 to 10000)
    • $0.50 Per Thousand stitches (from 10000 to 30000)
    • $0.50 Per Thousand stitches (more than 30000 stitches)

    “(This package is only for the clients who have regular orders)”


  • 1 3D puff embroidery is another way of sewing, which involves use of foam under the threads. Sewing is normally done on the edge of the form, leaving the middle part of the form having the effect of being elevated.

    2.Expanded Format: A design program where individual stitches in a design have been specifically digitized for a certain size. Designs punched in this format cannot generally be enlarged or reduced more than 10 to 20 percent without distortion because stitch count remains constant. See “condensed format”

    3.3D-effect: 3D-effect embroidery, by contrast, is direct embroidery with fabric and threads only – no foam. Thick underlay and lots of thread are usually used to achieve the three-dimensional effect.

    4.Embroidery: Decorative stitching on fabric. Generally involves non-lettering designs but can also include lettering and/or monogram. Evidence of embroidery exists during the reign of Egyptian pharaohs, in the writings of Homer and from the Crusaders of the 12th century. Evolved from hand work to manual sewing machines and from hand-looms and schiffli machines with hundreds of needles to high-speed, computerized multi head machines.

    5.Our range of embroidered patches includes:

        Flag Patches

        Military Patches

        Insignia Patches

        Martial Art Patches

        Motorcycle Patches

        Custom Sports Badges

        Logo Patches and Badges

        Cartoon Patches

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How Can I Place An Order To Update Embroidery?

It’s very simple to place an order on our website. Just visit the Contact Us page from our website and send us a mail with your email address and with other details. We will be happy to reply to your mail in under 10 minutes.

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